The interest of friends like you undergirds the Society’s goal of using local history to inform, educate and inspire.  

In each case, membership includes the sincere appreciation of all who value Catawba heritage. Your lifetime and annual subscriptions – coupled with endowment and sponsorship support - underwrite the quality and extent of CIHS programs.

Visit us soon at the Catawba Museum at Union Chapel to see how you are making this possible!

Council of Nabagon


 Lifetime membership in CIHS is available for a single investment of $1,000.  It includes invitation to private events, access to all exhibits before they are officially opened, and tasteful inscription of member names on an appreciation plaque at the Museum. 

Each subscriber also receives a leather-bound edition of the volume Legends of Catawba.  

These subscribers are designated as founders. 

A limited number of the earliest Council of Nabagon members are designated as “Founders”. Their books are numbered and signed by Editor and local historian 

Don Rhodes.

Catawba Curator


Yearly dues to become a Catawba Curator member are $100.  Membership includes one softcover copy (provided with initial subscription) of the Don Rhodes edition of Henry W. Prescott’s book Legends of Catawba and invitations to preview select new exhibits before they are available to the public.

Catawba Historian


Yearly dues to become a Catawba Historian member are $25.  Members are included in a monthly drawing to receive a softcover copy of the Henry W. Prescott book Legends of Catawba, as edited by Don Rhodes.

All members will receive the Historical Society’s semi-annual newsletter.

Interested in membership?

We appreciate your support.  Please help us continue the preservation of Catawba history by making a donation today. 

Contact the Catawba Island Historical Society for information on how to apply for membership!

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